Guardians FAQ

If you had trouble understanding anything about our pack, be it the rules, concepts, or customs, comb through the questions below.

If you have any issues, questions, or other things you wish to message us about, please e-mail us at this address:

E-mails are typically responded to in a timely manner. However, please allow up to a week for response.

Requests to join sent to our e-mail will be ignored.

About The Pack

What kinds of animals do you accept?

We accept any kind of existing wild canine or canines whose extinction was caused by humans,  including but not limited to ezo wolves, mackenzie valley wolves, coyotes, african wild dogs, and foxes.

What kind of pelt colors do you allow?

Natural pelt colors which you would see on the wild canine of your choice. We do allow melanism and albinism in any species. If it is an african wild dog, it should be patterned like an african wild dog and not a fox. Understand? We do allow lightening and darkening of colors, greyscaling, and having an artistic version of your reference (but it must still be natural). We also allow tribal markings and some accessories! Check it out HERE.

What is Your Pack's Genre?


What is the setting?

We live in Kamaria,a region in the northern part of a land mass west of the Great Ocean. The entire land is called Sendiri.  Most creatures on Sendiri possess supernatural ability, and humans have never existed. We live on a long mountain range, meaning winters are very cold and there is almost always a breeze. We have a host of rare creatures as well, which you'll learn about when you join.

What do the ranks mean?

They are, for the most part, synonyms that mean 'bringer of'. Harbingers are the leaders, Heralds are second in command, Portents third. Confidants advise all the "high" ranks. Auguries are every other adult, Omens are youths, and Pups are the youngest in the pack. To read more, click here.

Why are there no low ranks?

Everyone who is admitted to GOS is deserving of a high rank in any pack they so choose. If they were to be demoted from GOS, they would be asked to leave instead. We also wish to avoid any drama caused by members clamoring for high ranks.

Who is the black wolf with purple eyes in your logo?

Her name is Malana. She was one of the leaders of an old pack that used to inhabit where the Guardians live now. When the first Guardians found their new home--Sanity Hill-- we brought her ghost and the ghosts of her pack to rest, earning her as their spiritual guardian. We have not seen her since the day she went to the Unknown, but hope to once again.

Roleplay Questions

At what level do you roleplay?

We roleplay at the "advanced" level. We post paragraphs of text and include detail, correct grammar, and character development. Sometimes, like any pack of real people with other commitments, we have periods of time where we spend most of our post on dialogue.

Why don't you use wolfspeak or 'terms'?

Terms/anatomy/wolfspeak do not make grammatical or logical sense. Wolfspeak is a semi-language invented by an animal roleplayers for unknown reasons. Many roleplayers have decided using 'terms' makes their roleplay more advanced. We do not believe so, as many terms are just words whose definitions are used incorrectly.

Can my pack ally with yours?

Possibly. Please message us via our Chatango chatroom (Guardians Chat) with the following information: pack genre, leaders, RP level, member count, whether your pack is evil or not. We will discuss as soon as we can and you can ask more on our alliance terms in chat.

Can my pack be rivals with yours?

Again, possibly. We do not tend to make rivals unless we feel we have been truly wronged or your pack is evil. Understand that we do not participate in the idea that you can kill others' RP characters without their permission. Also understand that we discuss terms of "war" or "fighting" before they start, and will ignore unplanned raids.

Questions about Rules

Why is the site's age minimum 13?

This is simply about the content that will be displayed on the site. The majority of the site is rated pg-13 and we wish to keep it safe for everyone. This is not intended to be an attack on anyone's maturity.

What happens if I get in trouble?

It depends, honestly on the offense. If you godmod, spam, or post without reading the RP, you'll be warned. If you continue, you will be locked from the RP forum (allowed to read-only) for a week. Moral offenses, including but not limited to rape, threats, [identity here] bashing, mixing RP/non-RP drama, and bullying, yu get exactly one chance to make a mistake. Your second offense will force us to ask you to leave the pack.

How can you be contacted?

You can contact us on the chatland Sirisola, linked HERE. Search in the Mysts for The Guardians of Sanity pack room and look for the users Velocity or Terror. If you have more pressing questions, go ahead and e-mail us at

Where can I get more information?

Please visit our Lore page!

Ooh! I like this concept! Can I use it as a template for my own pack?

Absolutely. Not. I cannot. Make this. More. Clear. None of these concepts characters or ideas belong to you. You may not use them for a video, for a deviation, for an adopt design, for a pack, or anything else that involves taking ideas from us. 

Questions about Characters

What DON'T you allow?

We do not allow anything that would not fit within the world, including but not limited to: human relation, sci fi concepts, domestic animals, immortality, or religious concepts (since we have our own system of religion). If in doubt, ask or refer to the joining rules .

I have a fursona or special OC character. Can I use it for the pack?

Does it fit the rules? If so, yeah! If not, then no. If you really want to use your OC for the pack, then you may be asked to tweak it or make a new 'version' for the pack [Asch has mutliple versions of his character].

I want to use my dog as a character or as inspiration for a design. Can I do that?

Sure! Why not. As long as your character is a wild canine, it's okay if they look a bit like a border collie in color.

Can I have any kind of unnatural markings on my body?

No. We are natural design only. However you are permitted to have tribal markings so long as they remain relatively natural.


What 'unnatural' things do you allow?

Tribal markings, eye color (can be whatever you want!), and fantasy powers.


Do I REALLY need to have weaknesses for my character?

Absolutely. A character without weakness is what is known as 'godmode', or less formally, 'god-mod'. EVERY character has a weakness.