Welcome Home, Guardian

The Guardians of Sanity  is a fantasy wild canine roleplay based in the fictional land of Sendiri. We thrive amongst beings of all kinds, using our elemental skills to bring light where there is none.The mountains ring with our howls as we tell the world stories not only ripe with grandeur, but rich in power and truth.

Join us, newcomer, and you will be a herald of justice, forerunner of good. Join us, and you'll be an omen to those who stray. Join us, Guardian. Our lands are open to you.

On this site, we hone our skills in creative writing and character development, making friends while we do it. We roleplay in an intermediate/advanced, paragraph form, building a story together! We are plot based, though will sometimes deviate to alternate universe roleplay to spice things up.

Most importantly, we are a tight knit, honest, fun-loving community who love to create. Join us if you're ready for one of the best roleplaying experiences you've ever had.