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Our roleplay takes place in an environmentally diverse world full of beings with extraordinary powers and abilities. The dominant species of Sendiri are predatory felines and canines, and us? We're the canines. Throughout our continent, packs, tribes, clans, and kingdoms have lived and interacted for generations, molding and changing along with their homes.

The Regions

We live in Kamaria, a mountainous region to the northeast corner on the continent of Sendiri. The whole continent has ten defined regions of varying climate. These include the northernmost Arctic of Thel, The Soho and Paxis Tundras (west and east, respectively), Kamaria which is bordered by the Ayo and Ibtat Woodlands, and The southern Savannahs of Kavaan and Kelpie. In the middle of the continent sits the expansive and unforgiving Korafeli Desert, while the Tropics of Ulva and the Vetyk Islands make up the southernmost areas of Sendiri. Check out this map to orient yourself.

Where did your canine live before joining the Guardians of Sanity?


The Houses of Power

This world that we inhabit includes Spirits, Ghosts, and also Gods known as the Celestials. These Celestials are the guardians of what we call the "Houses of Power", which serve as a way to organize and group the abilities of each and every wolf. These houses are Lunar, Night, Solar, Earth, Flesh, and Water. Each of the contains every permutation of every power that a canine may have. Years ago, the connection between the Gods and the mortals was shattered, but with the help of the Guardians of Sanity, the Gods were able to resume their presence on earth.

Which house do you belong to? 



The creatures of Sendiri believe in the Flow of Life from different 'states of being'. The five states of being are Mortal, Spirit, Ghost, Celestial, and The Unknown. We as Guardians are Mortals, and those who guard the Houses of Power are Celestials. The Unknown is the afterlife where all beings eventually go. Spirits are lesser Celestials that provide a wider range of charges, from nature to darkness to fertility. Ghosts are powerless shells of their past life which can only travel to the Unknown when they reach peace.

Before the Celestials were reconnected with the mortal world, creatures would pay respects to spirits (which can and often do walk among mortals) or even worship them. They would also worship general concepts such as 'moon' and 'flame'. Now that the Celestials have returned, they have been incorporated into mortal religion as well.

Some states of being can be traversed (i.e. mortals might become spirits, and thoe who have passed to Unknown may become Spirits) , but others can only progress in a single direction or to certain states. See the chart below for help.

Flow of Life chart

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