Active Members

Name: Velocity Moolu'un

Formal Title: The Lunar Queen

Age: 7 years

Rank: Harbinger

Power: Lunarkinesis. Able to read and control emotion and harness lunar energy.

Quote: "“Many think love is weakness and cruelty is strength. I promise you - it's exactly the opposite."

Name: Terror

Formal Title: The Dark King

Age: 7 years

Rank: Harbinger

Power: Nightmares and fear. Able to give/take away nightmares as well as walk in dreams.

Quote: 'Never let your fear consume you.'

Name: Nira

Formal Title: High Guard, Pure Lady

Age: 6 years

Rank: Confidant

Power: Water affiliation specializing in ice and cold, water healing.

Quote: 'Everything changes. Don't fear it, go with it.'

Name: Ornate

Formal Title: Duchess of Earth

Age: 5 years

Rank: Herald

Power: The ability to give life to plants and accelerate their growth.

Quote: "Let natures path guide you to the gardens of eternal life."

Name: Tora

Formal Title: Storm Rogue

Age: 6 years

Rank: Portent

Power: Electrokinesis – The ability to absorb and direct electricity.

Quote: 'Learn what you want to say, instead of what people want you to say, and you will take the world by storm.'

Name: Adelina

Formal Title: The Ebony Princess

Age: 4 years

Rank: Forerunner

Power: The ability to manipulate electricity

Quote: 'Hold onto what makes you happy. If it tries to buck you off, just hold on even tighter.'

Name: Crystal

Formal Title: Protector

Age: 3.5 Years

Rank: Augury

Power: Ability to create forcefields

Quote: "Hatred and fear should never go unchallenged."

Name: Fern

Formal Title: Silver Tongue

Age: 3.5 Years

Rank: Augury

Power: Life draining. Can suck the life out of other living things.

Quote: TBD

Name: Chaske

Formal Title: *pending decision from the Harbingers*

Age: About 4 years

Rank: Augury

Power: Bone manipulation, able to change almost the entire structure of his body.

Quote: 'Strength is not always loud.'

*played by Nira

Name: Marzia

Formal Title: Little Light

Age: 6 months old

Rank: Omen

Power: The ability to transform into any living form for a time, provided she first touches them and takes on their creature

Quote: 'When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine!'

Name: Noatak

Formal Title: *Too young for title*

Age: Newborn

Rank: Omen

Power: Absorbs sunlight as energy, similar to photosynthesis

Quote: “When we hit our lowest points, we are open to the greatest change”


Inactive/Hiatus Members

Name: Lilitu

Age: 4 years

Rank: Augury

Power: Dream walking, sleep inducing.

Quote: TBA

Name: Vigor

Age: 1.5 Years

Rank: Augury

Power: Ability to create minor hailstorms, make the area around him colder, and withstand extreme cold.

Quote: 'Even the coldest ice can be melted by a warm heart.'


Name: Birch

Age: 1 and 1/2 years

Rank: Forerunner, Augury

Power: Hypnotism and illusions.

Quote: 'If I squeezed people as hard as I love them, they would explode.'

Name: Asch

Age: Unknown, young adult

Rank: Augury

Power: Ethereal light bands that move and mold at his command, retaining the same mass all the time.

Quote: 'The world is not what I want, but I must live in it anyway.'

Name: Yukine

Age: Around 2 years

Rank: Omen

Power: Ability to create small objects of ice given there is ample water around for him to use.

Quote: 'Hella Rad.'

*Played by Asch

Name: Alrik

Age: 4 years

Rank: Augury

Power: Earth manipulation in the form of Dirt, Sand, Mud, Vines. Throwing sphere shaped earth at attackers and building structures from aforementioned material, earthy layers.

Quote: "Strange things are only so if they are not normal to you."


Rank Explanations

Harbinger: For those of you familiar with normal pack structure, this is your alpha rank.  This rank commands the pack, delegates tasks and leadership, spearheads missions, and serves as a role-model for the rest of the pack.

Confidant: The advisor and bodyguard rank. Each Harbinger may appoint one. This rank is inhabited by one wolf whom the harbingers trust 110%.

Herald: This rank is the second in command, your classic “beta”. They lead when the Harbingers are not present, and are often times the ones who would try to sort out inner-pack problems before calling the Harbingers to do it.

Portent: The rank is similar to “delta”. This rank leads when Heralds and Harbingers are not around or incapacitated. This rank is also pack ambassador, and would assist the Harbingers in negotiations of alliance or trade. The Harbingers would take a Portent to negotiate peace and leave the Herald to care for the pack.

Augury: This rank represents standard members. There are NO low ranks in this pack because we believe it to be high caliber. If you do something at the Augury level to be “Demoted”, you would just be asked to leave the pack.

Forerunner: This rank can ONLY be obtained by lineage, so it's limited to children of Harbingers.  This grants them no extra privileges and they are still considered Auguries, but they are in training for high ranks. Only if they pass their “tests” will they achieve this.

Patriarch/Matriarch: An old augury, or a retired herald/portent/harbinger. If a retired high rank, the word ‘Honored’ would be added on to Patriarch/Matriarch.

Omen: Youth augury or forerunner.


Titles are formal, earned descriptors for every pack member. The Harbingers bestow titles when they see a member exhibiting a specific trait or noticing they have an aptitude for a certain job. Augury titles are often re-used and are usually one or two words (Herbalist, Trader) . High rank titles can have honorifics added (Duchess, Lady, Sir) and are unique to each canine. Omens always have 'Little' preceding their title.

Titles can grow with age as well. Someone called Little River as a pup would likely be re-named Wild River as an adult.

Why are there no low ranks? We do not believe in this. Period. You earn a place in the Guardians because you are already ranked ‘high’ to us.