The Code of the Guardian

To those fallen and those who fight to live, to those we hold close and those we may not, we pledge to protect what is good, to be light where there is none. Mercy is strength. Kindness is fortitude. Love is sanity.

--The Guardians' Creed

Site General Conduct

1. In roleplay drama = / = out of roleplay drama. Please keep the two separate!

2. Your character may not be mates with another character if your ages are not

3. Roleplay is rated PG-14 and no higher in the public forum. All RP's of a higher nature need to be taken to private messaging.

4. Please try to participate in non-RP forum conversations!

5. ABSOLUTELY NO racism, sexism, homophobia, religious-based bashing, sexual assault or abuse jokes or roleplays. You will be immediately removed from GoS.

6. If you are having a personal issue with another user, let one of the Harbingers (Velocity and Terror) know.

7. COMMUNICATE about your absences, please! We don't want to be in the midst of a roleplay with you and have you just disappear!

8. PLEASE DO NOT post screamers,  epilepsy-inducing gifs/videos, or anything else that may cause someone physical harm.

9. You are NOT obligated to share your personal information. Do not feel the need to at all.

10. Be respectful, be honest, be kind!


The Code

1. The Harbinger's lead for a reason. Their word, though they will ask for the opinion of others, is law.

2. Words are your most powerful tool - use them before resorting to force.

3. Defend the pack within your very best effort, even when your life may be at stake.

4. When fighting, show mercy. Only do the damage you need to make your point, and nothing more.

5. We respect you more if you turn an enemy into an ally or neutral party instead of a corpse.

6. Consistently going against the orders of the Harbingers, Heralds or Portents may result in temporary or permanent exile from the pack.

7. Killing, if it is not your last resort, is weakness. If you kill  or intend to kill another without reason and are found out, whether your victim is an ally, a pack member, or a stranger, you WILL be exiled and pursued with force.

8. Do not hesitate to help those in need. If you cannot due to other commitments, tell another Guardian.

9. Keep the main den areas clean. None of us want to sleep in a stinking cave!

10. Use your powers wisely for entertainment, practicality, or battle. Overuse of your powers may adversely affect your body.

11. Prey are to be hunted for food, not for sport. Go for the old and the sick. Always take at least two wolves for small prey and three wolves for large.

12. Though the parents are the main support system everyone is responsible for the training and protection of the pups and adolescents.

13. Mates may not be officially acquired until 2 years of age

14. Pups are allowed with mates within or outside of the pack - permission is not necessary - but if the mother or father is an outsider, they will be expected to join at least until the pups reach one year of age.

15. Do not hesitate to chase known enemies off the territory or bring them straight to the Harbingers.

16. Respect your packmates, solve conflict cordially, and be as kind as you can. The Guardians of Sanity should be a safe space.


If any of our rules proved confusing, please visit our unlisted FAQ page.