How to Join

  1. Read as much of the site as you can, including the lore homepage and the rules below, to make sure this is the pack for you!
  2. Go to the forum tab and click register! You will be guided through the process of joining. Once you are able to join, CHECK YOUR E-MAIL for the confirmation. You will not be able to access the site until you confirm.
  3. Once able to access the forum, log-in and look through the 'Newcomers' section of the forum. This is the ONLY place you can access until you complete step 4
  4. Complete your character bio [again, on the forum], which will include the character you want to use in GOS. It will need to be approved by a Harbinger before you will be allowed into the RP sections.
  5. Ta da! 

Character Creation Rules

1. Pay attention to our world's lore. We are a fantasy, RP where no humans or science have existed. If you have any questions about lore, just ask!

2. Your character needs to be a wild canine or a hybrid of two EXISTING wild canine species. We also allow hyenas. 

3. NATURAL pelts please!!! Better yet, find an actual picture that looks like your character. Mildly domestic dog-like pelts, melanism, albanism are allowed.

4. Eye color can be whatever you wish, and natural accessories (flowers, vine 'necklaces'), etc are allowed. 

NOT ALLOWED - Markings  too unnatural [left], accessories not natural [right]

nooo_by_wintergiraffe-da6f4yb nope_by_wintergiraffe-da6f4vh

ALLOWED - Markings and accessories are natural 

yay_by_wintergiraffe-da6f4v9 yea_by_wintergiraffe-da6f4v5






5. We DO allow powers (woo!), so long as they have weaknesses to counter them. The weakness must have something to do with your power so it's actually a liability. When you join, make sure you check out our Houses of Power page for help.

NOT ACCEPTED: power to kill anyone with a single bite and weak to fear of water.

NOT ACCEPTED: power to turn day into night/vice versa and move the stars/moon.

ACCEPTED: power to chameleon shapeshift to surroundings that can very easily result in your fur falling off.

6. Everyone who joins our pack is a mortal, feral, canine. AVOID angels, demons,  humans, anthros/weres.   

7. We are a GOOD pack. That means we accept good and neutral canines, but we DO NOT allow evil characters to join our ranks. We have playable, evil NPC options to satisfy your thirst for 'baddie' roleplay within.

8. Your RP must contain proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and detail, but it must NOT include wolfspeak or godmodding. Examples below:

NOT ACCEPTED: -goes to my friend and asks her 2 b my mate and then gets nervous and runs away- -iz attacked- -starts glowing and takes out all predators-

NOT ACCEPTED: The hessian's banner swayed back and forth as she slammed her peds into the terra. The sensation sent shivers up the fae's pillars as she readied her daggers for battle. The brute in front of her bared his knives and lunged at her, swords slicing toward her jugular.

ACCEPTED: In the midst of this clearing, which truly is only big enough to fit three or so fully grown wolves, was a rock jutting oddly out of the earth. I walked over to it, carefully setting the wiggling pup on its smooth, hard surface. The sweet aroma of the flowers in this clearing  gave a relaxing feel-a sharp contrast to the tension of the surrounding forest. 

If any of our rules proved confusing, please visit our unlisted FAQ page.